RDL Energy serves as a privately held oil & gas E&P company concentrating on operated and non-operated interests on U.S. and Mexico land, and offshore Gulf of Mexico.
The company specializes in the acquisition of operated and non-operated oil & gas assets that adhere to two specific characteristics: 1) the assets must be capable of providing value creation through the exploration and production cycle, and 2) the asset must allow for growth primarily through the drill bit by exploiting step-out and in-fill drilling opportunities. The combination of these two factors, in conjunction with our high performance technical team, mark the foundation of RDL’s rapid success.
These two objectives are accomplished by focusing on a few key tactics. Lower project risk on the front end by patiently acquiring sufficient intelligence via seismic surveys, well logs and other relevant geological and engineering data. Implement enhanced reservoir recovery methods and utilize innovative technologies to increase production and manage decline curves to maximize the overall asset life. Lastly maintain a low cost per barrel by adhering to our “Excellence in Execution” framework to minimize downtime and ensures all tasks are executed properly the first time.
Our acquisition and development strategies are always created with an emphasis on achieving the investment goals of our Family Office and PE investors.


To serve equity investors and the Family Office community by existing as a turn-key vehicle for their diversification into oil & gas assets capable of achieving their unique investment objectives by delivering front end value and back end growth.

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